The 3 Best Mosquito Killers 

Mosquitoes are pesky little things. They bite you and leave you scratching, often disturbing a good night’s rest. You could go ahead and spray some chemicals around to kill them – yes, powerful chemicals will get the job done, but they aren’t so good for your own health either. Some are smelly and might even cause allergic reactions.

Clearly, poisonous chemicals are not something that you would really like to use if you can avoid them. You need to look at safe alternative options to deal with these pesky mosquitos and even other flying insects.

The good news is, you have quite a few pest control options available on the market today. Some of them work with an electrical grid that zaps the insects, and others have a light and suction fan. These capture the insects and feed them to a chamber, where they then die.

The great thing about these options is they don’t use any dangerous chemicals, so they are safe to place in any part of your home. Those with the suction fan are super quiet, so there is no noise that will bother you, allowing you to sleep soundly.

The Best Mosquito Killers

Let’s have a look at three options that are currently available on the market. We want to help you to decide which item will work the best for you in dealing with your mosquito problem. Here are your choices!

The GLOUE E26 or E27 Bug Zapper Light Bulb 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

GLOUE LED Light with bug zapper function

GLOUE is really great, featuring the bug zapper function with the LED blue-violet light

This 2 in 1 GLOUE is really great, featuring the bug zapper function with the LED blue-violet light, as well as regular light mode. There are three settings to choose from on this globe:

  • First setting is regular light mode with bug zapper
  • Second setting is just the regular light mode
  • Third setting is just the bug zapper mode

The LED blue-violet band emits a 365 to 420nm wavelength that is irresistible for mosquitoes and any other flying bugs in the vicinity. As soon as the mosquito or other insect makes contact with the powerful high voltage metal grid, the electrical charge kills them instantly. With the 45-degree slope design of this lamp, the dead insects slip right off, so there is no need for you to clean it afterwards.

This bug zapper is made from eco-friendly materials and there is no need to use any chemicals with it, so it has no danger to your health. It is perfect to use in your kitchen and even in hospitals. It is user friendly and so easy to install – no rocket science here!


  • Power – 15W
  • Lifespan – 50,000 hours
  • Color temp. – 6500k
  • Brightness – 1200 Lumens


  • No toxic chemicals to be used
  • 3 different settings
  • Self-cleaning
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Takes time to getting settings right
  • Flies don’t seem attracted to the light

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The FILOL 2PCS Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer 

FILOL mosquito killer lampUsing a high-power UV light, this mosquito killer lamp is proven to be the most effective in luring flying insects during the night and even daytime. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t hold any danger for your health. No harsh chemicals are needed to kill the mosquitoes or any other flying insects.

Cleaning is also very hygienic, as it kills the insects with an electrical shock then suctions them into a funnel that leads to the collection tray. You simply remove the collection tray and dump out all of the insects. The fan has a really strong suction, so no mosquito or insect will be getting away from it.

The FILOL mosquito killer can be used all around the inside of your house, and is even safe enough to use in your baby’s room. The suction fan is super quiet, so it will not disturb your sleep with random noises. It also works great in your office, hospitals, and even your kitchen, with no risk of nasty chemicals getting on your food and being a health hazard.

What makes this so easy to use is that the power line has a USB power source, so your laptop or phone charger will work, or you can rely on a power bank. This allows you to take it with you when you travel, and even use it in your car.


  • Power – 5W
  • Size  – 12 x 21.5 cm


  • Chemical-free
  • Easy to clean
  • You get 2 units when you order
  • Collection tray for dead insects
  • Super quiet
  • USB power supply


  • Indoor use only
  • Not self-cleaning

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The Yoruii US Indoor Insect Trap

This sleek and modern mosquito trap is beautifully designed, and you will be able to use it all around your house. Use it inside the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, office space, and outside on your patio. Place it close to a place where there are a lot of insects, such as your fruit bowl, a plant, or even the trash can.

The powerful UV lights attract flies, gnats, and mosquitos – and the bionic body temperature fever technology assist with this process as well. Mosquitoes are attracted to your body’s heat, which is why this technology simulates a person’s body heat. Once the bugs are close enough, the powerful fan suctions them into a collection tray. The funnel design in the collection tray prevents these insects from escaping.

Designed with a double-sided air duct, it literally doubles the amount of insects that it can attract and suction into the collection tray. You then remove the collection tray the following morning and dispose of the dead insects.

Although this is very successful in capturing mosquitos, it should not replace your repellent control system.


  • Non-toxic
  • Very stylish
  • Double-sided air duct
  • 360o Degrees tap without dead spots
  • Has a timer
  • Outdoor and indoor use


  • Doesn’t kill bugs instantly like a bug zapper would do
  • Doesn’t kill house flies
  • Not a complete insect killer lamp

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Best Mosquito Killer Wrap-up

In this guide, we had a look at three ways to get rid of mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals in the process. These chemicals can cause you or your family to get sick – it can even hurt some of your pets. If you are looking for other ways to protect yourself and family from flying insects and mosquitos, check out our page that explains how some Essential Oils can help prevent mosquito bites.

GLOUE 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

We had a look at the GLOUE E26 or E27 Bug Zapper Light Bulb, an amazing 2 in 1 mosquito killer. You can use it indoors and outdoors by simply replacing your original light bulbs with these. The design allows for the insects to simply slide out of the light after they make contact with the high voltage metal grid. So, there is no need to go cleaning it afterwards.

This light bulb has 3 settings for you to choose from, so depending on the time and situation there will be a setting for it. The big plus on this bulb, there is no need for any harsh chemicals to use to kill the insects.

FILOL Electric Bug Zapper

Next up is the FILOL 2PCS Electric Bug Zapper. One perk with this option is that you get two of them when you place your order. It has a powerful light that attracts insects from all over the place, along with a quiet, yet powerful suction fan. It sucks the insects into the storage compartment while zapping them, so when they reach the compartment they are already dead.

You can easily remove the compartment and dispose of the insects. There’s no need to touch them, so it is very hygienic. There is also no need to use any dangerous chemical with this product, so it is safe to use in a baby’s room. Plus, the suction fan runs very quiet, so there won’t be any sudden noises that will disrupt anyone’s sleep.

The Yoruii Indoor Insect Trap

The last one we covered is the Yoruii US Indoor Insect Trap, working very much the same as the FILOL bug zapper. This doesn’t just have the zapper effect – it was designed with a double-sided air duct to maximize its productivity. The UV light attracts the bugs, and then the suction fan suctions them all into a compartment that has a funnel on the inside, so they cannot get out.

You remove the compartment and dispose of the insects. Please take note that this device doesn’t replace your bug repellent control system, so you will still need to have that in place. Also, this product doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, so it’s very safe to use in any room in the house.

Making the Final Decision 

After looking at these 3 products, I am sure you have an idea of which product will work best in your environment. All you need to do is decide whether it is for in and around your home, or whether you need it at your office or another commercial building.

Ultimately, the perfect mosquito and insect killer is there for you to choose. We hope this review helped you find it!

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